Ducky Adventure

Ducky Adventure

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Two ducks (Ducky Adventure) are setting off on a journey to gather gold in the jungle. Work together with your companion to collect all the gold and deposit it in the treasure chest. Beware of the enemies and traps surrounding the gold. Dodge enemy assaults and navigate through the traps with the assistance of your friend.

How To Play

Player 1:
Move: W, A, S, D
Fire: “G”

Player 2:
Fire: “L”

Ducky Adventure

Help your child get the most out of the stories by making comparisons between Dickie’s little girl’s life and their own experiences. Highlight the emotions that Dickie and his parents go through, discuss the reasons behind these emotions, emphasize their importance, and find effective ways to manage them. These stories were created in collaboration with child psychologists, providing valuable real-life examples that can help your family cope with difficult situations.

As your children immerse themselves in Ducky Adventures, they’ll be guided to overcome their fears and effectively deal with challenging emotions such as guilt, hopelessness, and separation anxiety.

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