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 Baldi’s Fun New School Remastered

KBH Games


Baldi’s Fun New School Remastered is a game made by fans of Baldi. It has many fun things and different ways to play to keep you having fun.

Controls (Desktop Or PC)

  • W, A, S, D – Move Around
  • Mouse – Look Around
  • Shift – Run
  • Right Click – Interact With Objects
  • Left Click – Use Items
  • Escape/P – Pause Game (In All Modes Except Discussion Area And Bossfight)
  • Q – Quit Level (In Bossfight And Discussion Area Modes)
  • Tab – Toggle Chat Feed (In Discussion Area Mode)


You can download this game for your PC, Linux, Android.

Baldi’s Fun New School Remastered Game Modes

  • Exploration Mode: Explore Around Without Baldi Chasing You!
  • Portal Chaos: Gather all seven notebooks and exit the building while the portals are active. Randomly Show Up
  • Random Event Madness: More random occurrences happen!
  • Student Race: Race An AI-Controlled Student
  • Bossfight Mode: The Spinner Boss is back for more action! You can overcome him.
  • Story Mode: To win in endless mode, collect all 7 notebooks. Before Baldi catches you, try to gather as many notebooks as possible!
  • Endless Mode: Try Collecting As Many Notebooks As Possible
  • Timed Mode: Gather all notebooks and depart quickly.
  • Upside-Down Mode: While everything is turned upside-down, gather all the notebooks and flee!
  • Camping Mode: Keep the Fires Burning While Camping with Baldi and Joe in the camping mode.
  • Discussion Area: Chat and Have Discussions with Other Players Online!
  • And Classic Mode: Play In Baldi’s Basics Classic Schoolhouse with all features of BFNS Remastered!

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